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It Finds Me 2003

One Way Love

I could tell you what I've seen
I could tell you where I've been
But somehow I don't think you'd be surprised
Cos everytime I look at you
Oh you seem to see right through
Everything that's going on inside

Will it always be the same
These things running through my brain
Makes me want to run and hide
Cos everytime I start to grow
Something else will bring me low
Hits me right between the eyes

I would gladly die for you but
Forever is a long long time to stay strong
And I don't know if I can make this
A lifetime isn't long enough to break this heart of stone
The beauty of our love is fading

Walking with you through this town
I am ashamed to be your man
It's not you its the guilt that binds me
Cos though your word has set me free
Free is the hardest thing to be
I come undone when the doubt it finds me

You kiss me better wehen I bleed
You speak into my deepest need
You are the answer to my prayer
But I am faithless so untrue
I always turn my back on you
How do you bear this one way love?

Is there an art to letting go
Is there somehow I might know
To help me face this?
Cos even in the dead of night
I remember clinging to your light
Can I try to embrace it again?

Where Would I Go?

Where would I go,
Who would I turn to,
If not to you?
For the emptiness is filled
And the dark skies are parted by you
Shining through

I never wanted to give my heart away
To someone new
But there's so many things that I don't understand
But when you hold my hand
I know there is no other way

Well the broken heart of a broken man
Can barely beat the rhythm of this song
Don't take long
To restore the feeble frame
Of a body offered up in pain
In the end
My will will bend to you

My Nose

You call my name and I'll come as fast as I can
I'll run I'll swim I'll drive my camper van
But I don't know if I'll be fast or slow
It's hard to tell with the London traffic you know

I'll be there soon after my nose
It always goes ahead of me
Because it's attached to the front of my head you see (that)

[The extended version of this song, with three verses, is available on youtube. Studio version will be forthcoming, probably.]

I Will Not Be Shaken

The first time and the last time
Didn't hurt any more, didn't hurt any less
Than this time

And I feel feel every blow and I bleed every drop
And I cry every tear and I wish it would stop

But I will not be shaken

My knees grow so weak but it's not on my two feet I stand
Something much greater is lifting me higher
Even as you push me down

This land isn't my home but I know where I belong
In the land of my father, is where my strength comes from

Keep It Real, Keep It Regular

Sitting on the bog at the end of the day
I feel alright, yeah, I feel OK
My but sure has a lot to say
It says, "keep it real, keep it regular!"

Sitting in a bathroom in the U.S. of A.
The loo is like a lake I want to say away
I wouldn't even mind if I had to pay
I'm gonna "keep it real, keep it regular!"

Keep it real, keep it regular
You don't want your bowels to fail ya
Fruit and veg give you the whoosh factor
So come on, keep it real, keep it regular

Sitting in the dunny in australia
I've been feeling kinda funny since India
Now I'm getting told off by a koala
He says, "keep it real, keep it regular!"

Now constipation is a four letter word
And getting the squits is even worse
So don't say I haven't warned you
Don't say you haven't heard
You've got to "keep it real, keep it regular!"

When I Met You

Went out for a walk tonight
Hoping that you might
Be out walking too
Went down by the stream
And I began to dream
I was dreaming of you

I seem to need you more
When I am on the floor
Laid low by a world that's so cruel
If I could just be sure
That one day you'd walk through my door

My life's so empty
Without you
The plenty I have
Is nothing

The night's sweet air covers me
Soothes me and sings to me
As I ponder the truth
That I'm not enough in me
I'm not complete in me
I am not absolute

And if you were here with me
I know that I could be
So much more than this
If I could just be sure
That one day you'd walk through my door

So I wade into the stream
Leaving behind my dreams
Exchanged for reality
Deeper and deeper still
I'll keep going deeper till
This stream flows through me 

Went out for a walk tonight
Hoping that you might
Be out walking to
Went down by the stream
And I began to dream
That's when I met you
And my dreams
Came true.

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