Whelm the Gruntle is the music vehicle of Jonathan Robinson and whichever musical friends happen to be along for the ride at any particular time.

The thing was, he has such a common name (there are at least two Jonathan Robinson Bands on youtube already) that he took a leaf out of Farah Loux's book and came up with a name that no one else has ever used or thought of and registered 0 hits on Google. So now he's stuck with a slightly weird name that everyone will assume is deep and meaningful but in fact is simply designed to make it easy for people to find my music in this internet age we inhabit. Sorry. Now google it and see if it works.

Jonathan writes songs and does his best to sing, play keys, guitars, mandolins, and percussion. Sometimes it is a solo project but he loves to collaborate and jam with other musicians. The music is hard to place in a clear genre, definitely folky, mostly acoustic, sometimes silly, sometimes sacred, biblical allusions abound, and the odd instrumental, check out our influences to give you slightly less of an idea of what it sounds like. Better still just listen to the music, it's easy enough to do as all recordings can be listened to before you buy.

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